Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Miracles Of Wonderful Kola

Wonderful kola is very common and mostly called memory nut because it enhances the
 memory, it acts a cleanser of the blood, improves learning ability and strengthens the central nervous system, and also very effective in the treatment of menstrual cramps.

It’s a brainy food which enhance the memory. It’s also useful in the treatment of hypertension and prevents premature aging, it has also been prove in Africa that wonderful kola has the ability to stop migraine headache when on the forehead for about ten minute.

Medicinal benefit of Wonderful Cola and its uses

1. Impotency: Get 3 Wonderful cola, cut it into pieces, prepare with hot (local gin) for 2 days, after that take a shot cup before breakfast and one after dinner in the for 3 days.

2. Ear Disease: Grind a cola with hot (local gin) or water for a day, the next day, put 2 drops in each ear.

3. Eyes Worm: Grind the cola and place towards your sight for some minutes, 3 times a day.

4. Typhoid and Malaria: Get 4 wonderful cola, 4 ginger, 4 bitter cola, cut them into pieces and prepare with 2 bottles of 7up for 2 days. Adult: 2 spoonful, children: 1 tablespoon.

5. Toothache: Get 1 cola, grind and put inside ogogoro (local gin) for some minutes, then put in your mouth for 3 minutes.

6. Worms: Get 2 wonderful cola, grind and put in tonic water for 2 days. Adult: 2 tablespoon and Children: 1 tablespoon, 2 times daily.

7. Rheumatism: Get 4 wonderful cola, 4 ginger, 5 bitter cola, 2 alligator pepper, little iyere spice, scent leaf, pound together and prepare with hot. Take 2 spoon in the morning and in the evening.

8. Gonorrhea: Wonderful cola, potash, tobacco leaf, 15 ampicilin capsules, prepare with hot. Take 2 spoon in the morning and at night.9. Cholera: Buy 3 wonderful cola, prepare with lime juice and scent juice for 2 days. Adult, 2 spoon; children, 1 spoon 4 times daily.

10. Whit-low: Grind 1 wonderful cola and put in lime juice to ferment, put your affected finger in it for 10 minutes. Do it repeatedly, it will disappear. Others are:

Asthma cough
Purgative and cholera
Typhoid fever
Migraine Headache
High blood pressure & low blood pressure
Conjunctivitis(Eye problem)
Menstrual pains

Irregular menstruation
Family planning
Gonorrhea, STD, Syphilis, Staphylococcus

Poor erections
Skin infections


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