Sunday, June 09, 2013

Students on Health Walk to Keep Body Fitness

Walking is one of the main importance of locomotion among legged animals, and is typically slower than running and others.

Walking is defined by an 'inverted pendulum' in which the body vaults over the stiff limb or limbs with each step.

This applies regardless of the number of limbs - even arthropods with six, eight or more limbs.

What is health work?

A Health Walk is a short, safe, local, led walk targeted at people who would benefit from increasing their physical activity.

The weekly walks last 30-60 minutes and are led by trained volunteers from your local community.

The aim of Health Walks is to promote and encourage physical activity in a safe, social way and get people walking more as a step to increasing their activity levels.

MINAVESTER INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE have her first health walk on 08/06/2013 to to promote and encourage physical activity in a safe, 

social way and campaign against the diseases that affects the body like MALARIA, TYPHOID, and all types of diseases attacking the body.

MALARIA has been a disease that has been really tormenting the African children, and the College has brace up to help the African children fight against Malaria and other diseases.

The Principal of the school Mrs Ngozi Njoku emphasize on the HEALTH WALK How it is of benefits to the body and how it can improve the health and the body fitness.

She also said, Health Walk is open to all, so as well as benefiting those suffering or recovering from an illness or medical condition, they are also of benefit if you have an issue with your weight, are feeling lonely or isolated,  or simply want to explore some new walks with the company of others.

Children do not like to exercise their body and its really affecting them so regular exercises is a solution. She also said that the challenges of AIDS should be based on the educating the people and abstaining from sex.

The Head of Commercial Department Miss Onome Johnson also lament on the poor handling of the diseases which the children are opened to. She said its high time the World stand on their foot to help the Children fight against this diseases.

She said the health walk has been a big welcome development that regular exercise is good for the body but Africans are not really emphasizing on taking regular exercises which is bad.

Teachers and parents have a big role to play because the children of nowadays are not to be trustworthy instead they should nurture and take care of the children especially the females, abstinence is the best answer to avoiding AIDS.

The Bursar of the School Mrs Chizuru also advise parents that they should encourage their children on regular exercises for it will really help them in the line of their studies and also in their health.

The Physical Health Education Teacher Mr Godfrey also give out an advise to the people, he said lot of things happening to the children of nowadays like Mosquito is an agents carrying Malaria. 

Most of the children having gone through the health walk will be going home with their body refreshed and strengthening of the bones and i know they are all happy because it has really helped them redefine their body fitness.

The Mathematics Teacher Mr Erasmus McEmmanuel Usomi is not left out as he has voiced out how the exercise and the Health Walk has really helped him regain his fitness.

The Health Prefect Miss Sandra Akpetor said it is a welcome development as the health walk has really helped in energizing their body, making the body to be fit and how it will help fight against diseases. 

She said they are really looking forward to have another Walk.

The Head Girl Miss Honey Oki has voiced out that the health walk has really helped them to get of the waste product in their body burning out the excessive salt in the body.

My bones and muscles is strengthened.

The Social Prefect Miss Amaka also claims that the health walk has really boosted her immune and her body fitness, 

it has help the students to build the body physically and also fights the disease in the body because it has really helped the body.



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